Growing Up Catholic:  St Mary's Hampton 1924 - 2014

CHURCHFACADEThis year 2014 St Mary's Hampton will celebrate its 90th year.



Archbishop Mannix laid the foundation stone on 2nd November 1924 for the project which cost approximately £3,600. The Building was used as a School during the week and divided into three classrooms for the classes which ranged from Prep to Grade 8. A floor to ceiling curtain separated the raised sanctuary from the rest of the building. For church services, this heavy red curtain was drawn back and the doors dividing the classrooms were opened.

FIRST MASS: was held in the building at Christmas in 1924, and the School commenced the following January 1925. Father Mangan continued as Parish Priest until the appointment of Father Dan Coakley in April 1926, at which time St. Mary’s became a separate Parish in its own right.

FIRST BAPTISM:     1924 25th December     Elsa Doris May Cull

Number of Baptisms   2707 during these 90 years.

FIRST MARRIAGE:  1926 12th October

                                     Thomas Joseph Brichnell to Mary Louisa McNamara

Number of Marriages  472 during these 90 years

FIRST CONFIRMATION:   1926     John Heaney William

Number of Confirmation        2213 during these 90 years.



From 1924 Fr. Mangan the Parish Priest of Sandringham served up to 1926 when Fr. Dan Coakley appointed as first Parish Priest.

Father Dan Coakley April                    1926-1939       

Father Dan Daly                                   1939-1959        

Father E (Teddy) Nowlan,                   1959-1965

Father Bernard Payne                          1965-1969

Father Jeffries                                      1969-1970

Father Vincent Curran                         1970-1972

Father James Griffin                            1972-1982

Father Robert Nink                              1982-1993

Father Kevin Burke                             1993-1994

Father Tim Tolan                                 1994-1995

Father Michael Mile                             1996-2012

Father Anjou Soares                             2012- to date


Sister Michele Kennan  pbvm                2007- 2015

Cynthia White                                        2017 - to date





Sister Kostka O’Keefe                           1925


Sister Ignatius Whelan                          1926


Sister Regis Farrelly                              1929


Sister Xavier Brennan                           1930


Sister Casimir Cregan                           1931-1936


Sister Xavier Brennan                           1939-1945


Sister Francis Cullinan                          1946-1950


Sister Albeus Cooney                            1952-1958


Sister Macnise Dowling                        1959


Sister Francis Cullinan                          1960-1961


Sister Imelda Dunlop                            1962-1965


Sister Evangelist Stone                         1966-1969


Sister Alice Gleeson                              1970-1972


Sister Ursula Mahon                             1973


Joan Ryder                                           1974-1975


Marcia Atkins                                       1975


Margaret Hughes                                  1976-1977


May Ray                                               1978-1984


Terri Green                                           1985-1994


Margaret Doolan                                   1995- 2015

Matthew Sweeney                                 2016 - to date








Sister Claude Dunne                             1928


Sister Alberta Kearney                          1929


Sister Patrick Murphy                           1930


Sister Marie Musgrove                          1930


Sister Rita McKinty                              1931


Sister Mildred Hodgkinson                    1931


Sister Kevin Trehy                                1931, 1940-1942, 1960


Sister Attracta Caulfield                        1942


Sister Raymonde Taylor                        1942


Sister Jerome Watson                            1943


Sister Madeleine Goonan                      1943-1946


Sister Julian Fahey                                1944-1951


Sister Denise Sawyer                             1945-1951


Sister Eymard Carroll                            1946


Sister Perpetua Carroll                          1947


Sister Columban Coleman                     1948-1950


Sister Michael Shannon                         1949-1950


Sister Catherine Jackman                      1951-1958


Sister Margaret Mary Mahon                1953-1959


Sister William Kathleen O’Neil            1954


Sister Bride Fennell                              1958


Sister De Sales Clark                            1959


Sister Martina Ryan                             1959-1960


Sister Lua Candy                                 1960-1961


Sister Austin Baratt                             1961-1962


Sister Ursula Mahon                            1963-1968


Sister Michele Kennan                         2007- 2015


Mrs Tania Sams                                   Jan 2016 - May 2016


Mrs Cynthia White                                  Aprl 2017 -