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June 2006

The St Mary's Community Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a non-profit charitable Trust established by the Parish Priest and the Parish Council of St Mary's Community Hampton from a bequest of a former parishioner, the late Leo O'Brien.

The Foundation has been established with the primary objective of providing financial assistance to nominated beneficiaries, such as charitable institutions within our community. The Foundation will be a catalyst for the furtherance of the mission of St Mary's, and above all provide financial security for our Catholic community.


How the Foundation works

On legal and accounting advice, the Foundation has been set up as a Discretionary Trust.

For administrative simplicity, the Trustee of the Trust is a Company (the "Company”).  The Company (SMCF Pty Ltd), in its capacity as Trustee, will maintain control of the Trust. The company will be independently responsible for how the capital of the Trust is applied and how earnings are distributed.  Learn more...


The Advantages of the Foundation

Setting up our own Foundation gives St Mary's Community autonomy through its elected Directors in respect of the maintenance of capital and allocation of monies to support appropriate endeavours within our community.

The Foundation provides a sound financial framework to enable the furtherance of our Christian mission.  Learn more...


How Can You Help?

If you wish to leave a lasting imprint on the St. Mary's Community while making a significant difference, then you can either make a donation at any time or leave a legacy to the St. Mary's Community Foundation in your will.  Learn more...


St Mary's Community Foundation Grant Applications

To find out more information and/or apply for a St Mary's Community Foundation Grant, click here