Setting up our own Foundation gives St Mary's Community autonomy through its elected Directors in respect of the maintenance of capital and allocation of monies to support appropriate endeavours within our community.

The Foundation provides a sound financial framework to enable the furtherance of our Christian mission.

This is strengthened by the fact that the Foundation will provide a transparent and secure means of ensuring that donations are applied appropriately.Just like other charities, the Foundation is entitled to concessional taxation treatment.

Through the generosity of Parishioners and the St Mary's Community, it is intended that the Foundation operates for many years. The Trustee will continue, as a general rule, to maintain the capital of the Trust and to distribute funds according to the charitable purpose and guidelines set out in the Deed of Trust.

Setting up the Foundation has required considerable input from many individuals. The Parish is very fortunate in benefiting from the encouragement, expertise and experience of Julian Lucas of Lucas Lawyers, a solicitor and a former parishioner and from Michael Scarr, a director of the accounting firm PPA Partners. Both have donated their time free of charge. The ongoing running costs of the Foundation are marginal and will be met by the income of the Foundation.