If you wish to leave a lasting imprint on the St. Mary's Community while making a significant difference then you can either make a donation at any time or leave a legacy to the St. Mary's Community Foundation in your will.

Supporting the Foundation by giving a donation can fulfil the desire of those who wish to give something back to the local school and Church community. To give a donation to the “St. Mary's Community Foundation” complete this form. Although not currently possible, it is expected that in future donations will be tax deductible.

Many people, having made provision for their families decide to support charities by leaving a bequest in their Will.

If you are thinking of leaving a bequest to the St. Mary's Community Foundation then consider including the Foundation both as a specific and residuary beneficiary. Then if some or all of your beneficiaries predecease you, the St. Mary's Community Foundation, as your final beneficiary could receive any balance of your estate.

The following is a sample bequest clause but do seek expert advice to assist you to include it in your Will.

‘I bequeath the sum of ................ dollars and/or ..........% of my residual estate to the St. Mary's Community Foundation to be used for the advancement of Catholic religious and educational activities, its general purposes, for which the receipt of an officer of the Foundation shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor for the bequest. ‘

It is that simple to make an investment in the future security of the charitable viability of St. Mary's Community.