Grants will be considered for projects addressing any of the foundation purposes as outlined below.  Should you wish to apply for a grant for another charitable purpose, please forward such documentation along with your application.


Foundation purposes (as described in the Trust Deed)

  • Advancement of catholic religious or educational activities of the Parish
  • Acquisition, development, construction and maintenance of
  • Parish buildings, gardens, land, grounds, facilities and amenities
  • Furtherance of any educational enterprises of the Parish
  • Provision of counselling and other services of a benevolent, charitable, religious or pastoral type to or on behalf of the Parish
  • Assistance of people in need within the Parish
  • Advancement of funds to assist other activities within the Parish
  • Any other charitable purpose (please forward details with your application)



Please download St Mary's Community Foundation Grant Application here for a printable version.


Complete Grant application online and your application will be emailed directly to St Mary's Foundation.  Any documentation supporting your request that cannot be entered online can be sent to St Mary's Community Foundation at the address below.



Completed applications can be sent to:-

St Mary’s Community Foundation
5 Hayward Grove
Hampton VIC 3188


Further Information

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

phone 03 9521 0990